Pets are lovely. We find friends and companions in them. If you want to get the most faithful friend, a pet will do. As loyal as a dog is a phrase used to explain loyalty. At the same time, pets can be messy without training. To prevent such mess, you must train your pets on where to ease themselves, where to sleep and such. Training a pet is not easy, at times you will want to stop the whole process. This article will help you understand how to successfully house train your pet.

Training pets


Dog shaking hands with womanConsistency is key. Do not teach your pet one thing today and introduce something else tomorrow. To achieve results, finish up with one part of training. Let us take, for instance, if you are using a red blanket for the pet’s bed, please stick to that for some time before you change. If today it is white, tomorrow red, the pet will get confused and might end up refusing to sleep on the bed.


Just like people, pets love appreciation. When it hits a milestone, reward it by favorite meal or a walk. This will boost their morale and want to achieve more in future. Where there are rewards, there must be discipline. It is good to discipline a pet upon messing. To note, you must be consistent with the reward and discipline methods used for the pet to understand. Avoid yelling at the pet.

Clean and wash messed up areas

Children feeding a dogIf your pet pees on your carpet or any other place than the expected, you should clean up the mess and wash up the place to remove any scent. This is because pets have a way of smelling their previous pees and will want to use the same spot to ease themselves next. If you realize that your pet is a slow learner, take it slow with it. Patience plays a big role in house training a pet.