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How To Keep Automatic Sliding Doors Functional

Sliding doors at store

These days many people prefer automatic sliding doors to regular hinged doors. This is because you do not have to exert additional effort when opening or closing the door. Automatic sliding doors are excellent for shopping malls, business rooms, retail shops, bookstores, restaurants, and airports. Areas that many people get in and out throughout the day can see the benefit of using automatic sliding doors.

People entering building through sliding door

These doors are the most convenient entrance points, particularly for the commercial spheres that receive heavy traffic. You can as well construct the automatic entrance doors on different parts of your home or commercial properties. If you have a sliding door already in place, it is important for you to keep it functional and reliable for a longer period. This implies that you need to apply the following safety measures on to keep your automatic sliding doors functional for a long time.

Lubricate The Tracks

Away from making sure that your automatic door rollers and tracks are kept clean, you must apply lubrication. Lubricants should be applied at the lower and also at the top trails for a smooth operation. It is also advisable to apply lubricant to the door lock by using an aerosol lubricant. This will help you in flushing out the grime and other moving parts within your door.

Rollers & Door Tracks

Automatic sliding door openingTherefore, when they get damaged, it will be so hard for your doors to work smoothly. Make sure you clean out all debris and dirt on the tracks. Also, some of these new automated doors come along with adjustment pockets on the top or at the bottom edges. Hence, you can narrow or extend the rollers for proper operation.

Test The Existing Lock

An automatic sliding door is designed with a lock on one side for holding the door to its frame. Make sure the lock functions properly and also make replacements if the need arises. A professional sliding door installer can best help you in ensuring that the frames remain secure.

Install Slide Locking Bar

After the whole day of automatic sliding door operations, you need to lock your door to have a quiet night. Through the installation of a slide locking bar to your automatic doors, you will be taking your security to a higher level within your properties. A metal frame at the bottom door track prevents your door from opening even if the latching lock is detached or damaged. Most of the new automated door designs come secured with the length of the bar.

Install A Commercial Lock

Automatic sliding doors deserve a lock that will improve operation and security. Commercial locks are used as a replacement for height and other adjusted that are needed on your door. A commercial lock has two bolts locking operations that are attached to steel bolts. You can as well incorporate a wire alarm system to your automated sliding door