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A Complete Buying Guide for a Car Alarm System

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Installing a car alarm system is the best way of preventing car theft or break-ins. Car owners should invest in a car alarm systems that delivers more than the regular sonic blasts. Outlined here below are the useful tips that can guide you in choosing the right car alarm system.


Some of the useful car alarm features include encrypted transmission, carjack protection, shock sensors, and mobile applications. You should not be intimidated by the technical jargons since this article is going to highlight their functions and make it easier for you when choosing an alarm system. They Include;

Shock Sensors

Modern car systems come with advanced features like motion and shock sensors. Shock sensors are helpful in detecting impact and sending out alerts once the vehicle is hit or jostled. An effective car arm system should have a siren that alerts the car owner by triggering the alarm. Such a system will always alert you when something is going on.

Two-Way Remotes

This is a useful feature that makes it easier for the car owner to control his/her car and let him know about the condition of his/her car. A basic car alarm should include a one-way remote which allows the owner to disarm the alarm and unlock the alarm or door. The two-way car alarm is designed in such a way that it can alert the owner if someone breaks into or attempts to start the car.

Carjack Protection

This is another anti-theft feature which you can add to increase the effectiveness of your car alarm system. Carjack protection combines ignition kill switches, chirping alarms, and lights.
Some of these arm systems are aimed at punishing the carjackers with high-pitched sirens and extra loud sirens that may force the persons attempting to gain entry into your vehicle to abandon it.

Encrypted Transmission

Remember that some thieves don’t use crowbars when getting into your car.
For instance, some of the tech-savvy burglars can easily hack the car signal or unblock the car remotely. Car smart car alarm firms have come up with encrypted transmission systems, which are useful additions to the wireless car alarms. Car owners or drivers should look for car security systems that keep hackers out of their cars.


Installation of a car alarm system is a complicated process, especially for the average person. This is the main reason why professional installation is highly recommended. This might increase the overall price of the car alarm system but having a car alarm that is successfully instead will have a positive impact on the warranty of your car security system.