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Women And Science Related Jobs

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Over the years women have been known to shy away from science-related jobs. The contribution of women in science occupations is relatively small at a quarter while men take three-quarters. This is because women have gentle and communal qualities and tend to go for jobs that foster good relations and create an inclusive environment like medicine and secretary jobs.

Women thrive in psychology, biological sciences, and medicine that have lower pay and more contact with people. The low number of women in scientific occupations is due to little participation scientific fields of study like technology, mathematics, and engineering. Over the years, the share of women seems to be increasing slowly according Life Sci Advisors. With the right kind of motivation and scientific knowledge, women could bring about the greatest science revolution of all time.

Women could do just as well in Architecture, Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematical courses. Many measures have been taken by global organizations to attract women to this field, and it is just a matter of time until women catch up with men. Most women fail to realize that being a female scientist has more flexibility than other professions.

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Science-related jobs for women

Lack of encouragement

Parents and teachers ignore when girls fail in science and math. They dismiss it as being part of their nature and don’t encourage them to work hard.

Lack of aggression

Women have are less aggressive than men, and this affects their career choices. Science courses are quite challenging and require one to be tough and dedicated to making it through school.


Even when women do well in science careers, they are often paid much less than males in the same occupation. They are given fewer resources and get very few awards for their efforts. This has discouraged many women.


The society is quite biased, and this makes any female good in Science shy away. Women in science are viewed as nerds and incapable of keeping a family.

Solutions to these challenges

Getting a mentor

The mentor could be a more experienced employee to guide you. You could also join science organizations and go for science seminars.

Female-friendly policies

Take your time to carry out an extensive research before applying for jobs.

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Benefits of a science related career

Better pay

Science careers are quite difficult and very few people opt to go for them. People that take these careers are paid better generally compared to others. Women are better thinkers and are quite skilled thus having them in science would lead to more mind-blowing discoveries.

Many of their skills respect women in science careers and make men feel intimidated. Females should take science careers if they want to be accorded this kind of honor. Both women and men are equally gifted and can do quite well in scientific careers. Females need to concentrate on prevailing in scientific courses and not all the negativity from the society.